Course Description

Course Type: Master of Science
Lenght: 2 years
Access: Open
Classe di laurea: LM-68
Course Location: Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Via Montpellier n. 1 – 00133 Roma
Attendance: Compulsory

Description and Objectives

The purpose of the program is to train graduates with different backgrounds related to the promotion of wellness and health. Particular attention is paid to their problem solving abilities and those related to their evaluations in terms of social and ethical responsibilities; graduates will also learn to assess health risks during trainees’ physical activity and estimate the limit beyond which physical activity becomes harmful.

The purpose of the program is to train specialized professionals who will work on fitness and wellness through:

– The basis of functional and physical assessment in relation to the specific characteristics of each person;
– Planning of physical activities and training paths for groups and/or individuals;
– Planning of health promoting learning courses and amateur sport activities;
– Planning of physical activities and rehabilitation programs for promoting health and preventing disease;
– Management of relations and communications with institutions , associations and families;
– Knowledge of the main rules and laws regarding physical activity and the trainer’s legal responsibilities;
– Ability to recognize and avoid life-threatening situations that can occur during physical activity;
– First-aid procedures and manoeuvres.

They will also have the expertise to cooperate with medical teams in the treatment and prevention , through physical activities, of chronic-degenerative diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension , ischemic cardiac disease .

The purpose of the program is to train specialized professionals with the following characteristics:

– ISEF (Higher Institute of Physical Education) or equivalent diploma in accordance to law n. 136-June 13th 2002.
– Three-year degree in Motor Sciences and/or Sport/Motor Sciences
– Four or five-year degree in Motor Sciences and/or Sport/Motor Sciences
– Degree in Physiotherapy
– Degree in Medicine or Pharmacy or Biology
– Other degrees in the biomedical area to be evaluated by a special committee.


Courses and exams will be held in English. There will be an exam at the end of each semester. Furthermore, attendants must be able to discuss and clearly explain opinions regarding health topics. Seminars will be organized for this purpose. They are also expected to carry out their work autonomously through the acquisition of a solid methodology and must be acquainted with the use of recent multimedia and computer equipment. Dissertations are investigational and are the result of the two-year long experience.

The final dissertation, at present, should be made, but not discussed, in the USA (Philadelphia: Drexel University) or in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro: State University of RJ, UERJ and Curitiba: Federal University of Parana, UFPR) financed by an international Tor Vergata University project and discussed and finalized in Rome
Enrolled students can apply for any international project organized and financed by the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Foreign Students

Foreign graduate students are required to have a satisfactory knowledge of the English language which will be assessed by an evaluating committee.

Foreign graduate students who wish to enrol in this program must have their titles recognized. Academic titles obtained abroad must be legalized and accompanied by an official legal translation and a statement of comparative worth which must be obtained from the Italian Delegation in the country where the academic title was issued.