Course Description

Course Type: Master of Science
Lenght: 2 years
Access: Open
Classe di laurea: LM-68
Course Location: Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Via Montpellier n. 1 – 00133 Roma
Attendance: Compulsory

Graduates Requirements

  • Be friendly with the biological basis of physical activity adaptation
  • Own teaching capabilities
  • Know training methods and techniques in sport
  • Be able to adapt such methods to specific trainees and objectives
  • Be familiar with physical performance evaluation methods
  • Be capable of cooperating with other qualified professionals

The graduates must be able to strengthen knowledge and capabilities reached in the first cycle of studies on physical activity, in order to promote wellness and health.

To this goal each subject will be taught with face-to-face lessons completed with practical and laboratory activities. Importance will also be given to problem-solving abilities from a multi-sided point of view.

The graduates shall learn to consider the social and ethical responsibilities deriving from their evaluations, to assess the health risks of their trainees during physical activity and to estimate the individual limits beyond which physical activity becomes harmful.

The students will have to pass a test examination at the end of each academic year.

The graduates must be able to discuss and clearly explain opinions and matters regarding health topics. Seminar sessions will by organized for this purpose in order to give the students a learning method that will ensure autonomous knowledge growth in the future. During the course students will also use multimedia and computer equipment to keep up to the latest updates.

Dissertations, which will all be investigational, will be developed throughout both years of the course.

Teaching activities will all be in English, thus students are required to have a satisfactory knowledge of the language, which will be assessed by an evaluating commission on the basis of certificates released by accredited administrations.
An examining commission will individually test any cases of uncertain evaluation.

Course objective

The course objective is to train highly qualified professionals that will work on fitness and wellness, through:

  • The basis of functional and physical assessment in relation to the specific characteristics of each person.
  • Planning of physical activity and training paths for groups and/or individuals.
  • Planning of health promoting learning courses and sport activities.
  • Planning of physical activities and rehabilitation programs for specific diseases.
  • Management of relations and communications with institutions, associations and families.
  • Knowledge of the main rules and laws regarding physical activity and the trainer’s legal responsibilities.
  • Ability to recognize and avoid life-threatening situations that can occur during physical activity.
  • First Aid procedures and manoeuvres.

Through these skills the graduates will be able to operate as qualified athletic trainers, sports instructors and wellness specialists. They will also have the expertise to cooperate with medical teams in the treatment and prevention, through physical activity, of chronic-degenerative diseases such as Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, Hypertension, Ischaemic Cardiac Disease (ICD)