Teaching Staff

First year

Prof.ssa Barbaccia Maria Luisa Pharmacology – barbaccia@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Bauzon StephaneEthics of Sport – bauzon@juris.uniroma2.it

Prof. Bellomia ValentinaPrivate Law of Sport – valentina.bellomia@uniroma2.it

Prof. Bettoni Giuseppe – Wellbeing and Tourism in Territorial Planning – giuseppe.bettoni@uniroma2.it

Prof. Biasucci Daniele – Resuscitation in Sports – daniele.guerino.biasucci@uniroma2.it

Prof.ssa Botta Annalisa Genetics and wellness – botta@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Cappellini Germana – Physiology of the Exercise – germana.cappellini@uniroma2.it

Prof. Caramia Donatella Neuromusicology – caramia@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Di Renzo LauraFood and Nutrition for Health and Fitness – laura.di.renzo@uniroma2.it

Prof. Duggento Andrea Biomechanics and Physics Applied – duggento@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Lozupone Elvira – Pedagogy – lozupone@uniroma2.it

Prof. Merra Giuseppe – Food and Nutrition for Health and Fitness and Microbiota and Sport – giuseppe.merra@uniroma2.it

Prof. Perrone Marco Alfonso – Exercise and Cardiovascular Diseases – marco.perrone@uniroma2.it

Prof. Sylos Labini Francesca – Physiology of the Exercise – francesca.sylos.labini@uniroma2.it

Prof. Sinibaldi Paola – Clinical Pathology – paola.sinibaldi@uniroma2.it

Prof. Stolfi Carmine – Research Methodology – carmine.stolfi@uniroma2.it

Prof. Volterrani Andrea Sociology – andrea.volterrani@uniroma2.it

Prof. Menici Federica – Psychology

Second year

Prof. Annino Giuseppe Functional Assessment

Prof. Augeri Anna Laura – Training Methodologies in Fitness

Prof. Cassarino Salvatore – Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – cassarino@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Della Morte David Internal Medicine – david.dellamorte@uniroma2.it

Prof. Di Lorenzo Nicola – General Surgery – nicola.di.lorenzo@uniroma2.it

Prof. Gargiulo Pierluigi – Cardiovascular Disease

Prof. Iellamo Ferdinando – Learning and Motor Control (Protocols of Physical Activity in Health, Prevention and Disease) – iellamo@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Moretti Costanzo – Endocrinology – moretti@med.uniroma2.it

Prof. Salimei Chiara Learning and Motor Control (Protocols of Physical Activity in Health, Prevention and Disease)